1. All games are with 1 hour on the clock, with the clock put back 20 minutes after 30 moves are played.
  2. All games should be recorded and will count towards your snailgrade. The result, including the time the game finished, should be handed or emailed to Brian for inclusion on this website.
  3. You can challenge any player who is higher than you on the ladder. You cannot challenge anyone who is lower.
  4. If the challenger wins the game he goes on the ladder one rung above the challenged. If the challenger loses or the result is a draw, then there is no change to the ladder.
  5. Any chessclub member can get on the ladder by challenging someone who is already on the ladder. If someone who is not on the ladder wins, he goes on the ladder immediately above the challenged. If he loses, he goes on bottom rung of the ladder.
  6. Any player who has not played a ladder game for 31 days drops one rung on the ladder. If the 31 day period for two or more players elapses at the same time the losers of the previous game are demoted first.