I have this morning put up a rewritten Snails website (https://brianbut.github.io), capable of processing multiple tournaments and ladders. I have started by posting last nights ladder game between myself and Jim.

The ladder is now on https://brianbut.github.io./ladders/ladder/ladder.html and the snails tournament on https://brianbut.github.io./tournaments/snails_2017/pairings.html

The main advantage is that I have made it quicker to enter, process and format data about a game played. This is hot off the press and is likely contain bugs and errors. If your games are misreported please let me know. There is a lot of work still to be done on the data processing part of the system.

If and when the software project is complete I intend to release it as a template which may be used by any chessclub for it’s internal tournaments. You can get on the ladder yourself – see the previous news posting.