1st Revision

The feedback I have recieved for the Snails Tournament has been largely favourable. But I have noticed that some participants want to play more tournament games. So I suggest a supplementary ‘Snails Ladder’.

The motive behind the existing Snails Tournament is to provide a tournament where it is possible for all partipants to get encouraging results in longer games, to minimise members coming to the club in vain hope of a longer game, and to encourage people to come to the club on nights when they can be certain of a game. Additionally I suspect the standard of play will increase if we play more recorded longer games. I want to adhere to these aims as much as possible, while at the same time allowing enthusiasts a chance to ‘get on with it’.

The idea of a ladder is that a participant on the ladder may challenge a participant a little higher on the ladder to a snails game. If the participant lower on the ladder wins he will rise up the ladder to the rung above the person challenged. The winner reports his win by email to prestignesnails@gmail.com. New ladder positions will be published monthly on the Snails website. I will suggest some rules.

  1. We start at the beginning of the first month with a ladder in the order of existing snailgrades ( https://brianbut.github.io./entrants.html). A new ladder is published at the end of the month.

  2. A player may challenge a player up to three places above him to a ‘snails ladder’ game. Challenges may be made by email, phone or face to face. If accepted it is up to the players to decide when to play. The result of the game is sent to prestignesnails@gmail.com

  3. If the challenger wins he goes above the challengee in the next months list. If the game is a draw then there is no change. In the awkward case where A beats B, A beats C and C beats A the last game played takes precidence.

  4. If a competitor does not play in any month he slides one rung down the ladder.

  5. The clocks will be set as for all snail tournaments. i.e. Set the clocks at 1 hour. After black’s 30th move clocks go back 20 minutes.

  6. In order to generate snailgrades I need data ‘White’, ‘Black’, ‘Event’, ‘Site’, ‘Round’, ‘Date’, ‘Result’ for each game played. This means I need the date for each game played. The date is also needed for rule 3 to be applied.