Play one game a month.

The tournament should start in the first month of October and last 6 months if there are enough entrants. One month less than the number of entrants if there are fewer than seven.

Each clock will be set at 1 hour, by which time each player is expected to play 30 moves. Ater black has played 30 moves the clocks will be put back 20 minutes.

Games could last 2 hours 40 minutes, so, if the game is being played on a club night we should ask players to try to start promptly at 7.30.

The format proposed is not dissimilar to that played by clubs in most of UK. But many of those clubs impose rules to penalise a player not playing promptly on the correct date and at the stipulated time. I think we at Presteigne could try being more relaxed and request that players should make every effort to play in the stipulated month wherever and whenever they can. If this doesn’t work we could think again.

I the game is not played within the month, we will rely on the competition secretary to apply his wisdom to ensure a fair outcome to the score sheet. (i.e walkover, agreed draw, draw, no_score, agreed postponement to a future date etc.)

Pairings for the first round be drawn at random and published before the end of September. Thereafter the competition secretary will produce a fixture list on the third Tuesday of the month. He will try to pair the strongest performing players, while still ensuring everyone gets a chance to play. In the third week of the month competition secretary will email all entrants with the scoresheet and pairings for the next month.

The first Tuesday of the month is the default fixture date. If both players agree in advance , can games can be played at any other time or place within the month. (We are keen to accomodate all club members, but need to prevent members from coming to the club in vain anticipation of a snail game.)

If we have an odd number of entrants we will try to arrange things so the entrant who is allocated a bye will be able to play the player who has a bye in the following round.